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Review: Fire of the Frost by Darynda Jones

★★★★ #FireoftheFrost @Darynda @jeffekennedy @jeffekennedy @AuthorABouchet

This quartet creates a beautiful symphony out of words. Whenever I see an anthology by these four, I must read it. I know I am going to be enthralled by the story they weave. This latest one delivers in magic, loss, love, and betrayals.

A Wynter Fyre by Darynda Jones

After reading about a forgotten love spanning across decades, I am spellbound and want to learn more about this world of vampyres, ogres, and demons. This tightly written story packs a punch in intensity, emotion, and loss. If Darynda Jones is a new-to-you author, my recommendation is to pick up the rest of her books, quickly.

Of Fate and Fire by Amanda Bouchet

I have been dying to read the next book in this series. This novella tides me over until the next novel comes out. When I read the first few pages, I was a little confused. As the story unfolds, my memories rush back, a bit faster than Piers. I remember Piers and couldn't stand him. In this story from his side, I'm heartbroken. Seeing from his perspective is moving. I love this novella and find it a beautiful addition to the Kingmaker Chronicles.

The King of Hel by Grace Draven

What can I say about Ms. Draven? Every single book or novella I have read of hers is beautiful and creates a yearning that I can't quite put into words. I am not sure why I haven't picked up all her books and just read through all of them. This story is so well written. We have an "emo" prince Doranis who reminds me of the wild hunt. I am terrible with remember how a character looks. In fact, I'm one of those odd readers that don't care what the character looks like. I don't even need to visualize them. I am happy with being about to distinguish them because of how they behave. But there is something in the way that Ms. Draven writes that I can see exactly what she is describing. I feel like Castil; I'm enamoured of Doranis too. Others may find him horrifying but he is so damn sexy the way she describes him. I'd jump him in a heartbeat. Honestly, I loved this story and I think it's my favourite in this set. It is hard to pick a favourite though because these are all so good.

Familiar Winter Magic by Jeffe Kennedy

I love the fantasies Ms. Kennedy pens. This series bothers me. Just like a few of the books in her other series. It took me a bit figure out why I love yet hate this world she's created. The power exchange between a familiar and a wizard is not right here. It bothers me greatly because it is so close to an erotic power exchange in BDSM. Essentially, we have a world filled with assholes and cunts who are dominants due to some quirk that no one can figure out why. They treat their submissives horribly and the submissives have zero recourse. In this novella a teacher tries to instill in ever familiar the paper thin protections they have. It is a horrible joke. I hate it. I desperately want to read the conclusion in this Triliogy and hope to find out why there is such an imbalance.

I want to take all the familiars away from these cruel and undeserving wizards. Protect these familiars and make sure they understand their self worth. The familiars need their own order or union to protect them from these predatory practices. I am still upset about this story and probably will continue to be upset until I see the conclusion of it.

This fantasy anthology is highly recommended to readers who enjoy magical tales driven by plot and wonderful character development.


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