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Review: Forever Enchanted by Maggie Shayne

★★★ @maggieshayne #ThrowbackReview

Whenever I saw Ms. Shayne's name on a book, it became an auto-buy. She is one of my first group of paranormal romance authors I adored. years have passed and I still enjoy her books. Over a decade ago, I found one of her really early works. I cannot tell you how hard it was to find this book pre-kindle adoption. My spouse searched all over eBay to find this book. He finally found a copy to be sold... in all places - Merry Ole England. He bought it for my birthday and I loved it.

For those who love the first book in this series, this second follow up book in the Fairies of Rush. To find books with fae or faery in it back in the late 90s and in the start of the new century was rare. There are children books about faery but rarely adult novels with romance. Even more fun, this is a enemies to lover story.

Ms. Shayne does a lovely job in setting up the conflict. Returning back to the magical world of Rush, Bridlin is completely shut out and exiled from her home. Her nemesis isn't an old tyrant. Instead, it is a prince only a decade or so older than her. Tristian is conflicted. It comes through his actions and later on with his words. The two of them are made for each other and their heated exchanges only enhance the romance growing between the two. This paranormal romance is recommended to fae lovers who enjoy enemies to lover themes.


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