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Review: Forget What You Know by Christina Dodd

I missed this book in the Gothic series when it first came out. I am so glad I was able to read it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was on the edge of my seat the entire time reading this book. I ended up with a terrible book hangover as I read through the night and into the wee hours of the night to finish it. The next day working was a bit brutal and it was worth every minute spent reading this book.

I loved Zoey Phoenix. She is awesome and her ability to grow just about anything is fantastic. Her green thumb and where she lives is attractive to me. I'm not quite sure how she relates to the beginning of this story which is all about a legendary gemstone embedded into a dragon. That dragon statue does seem cursed. All the slaughtering and cons throughout the ages to get their hands on this dragon is a bit horrifying. Yet somehow Zoey runs a foul of this curse.

There are a few pieces of information Ms. Dodd provides that I quickly pick up on and understand what is happening. For Zoey who isn't aware of other events going around her, she remains in the dark. Whilst as a reader, I want to shout at her . . . LOOK BEHIND YOU! Well, figuratively, look behind you. Zoey's life is turned upside down. Some of the events lead to a wonderful ending. Some of the reveals are heart breaking. Without revealing any spoilers, let's just say that Zoey's understanding of her past is blurred to a point that it is unrecognizable. When it all becomes clear, it is a touching and moving moment. Through all of this, Zoey is reunited with her ex-husband and it is crazy. This second chance romance mixed with psychic shenanigans and quirky characters is a thrilling ride, not to be missed.


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