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Review: Forgotten in Death by J.D. Robb


When I first started this book it felt similar to the other "in Death" books. A dead body shows up, Eve is assigned to look into it, Roarke's property is involved, and Roarke helps out. I don't mind this, it just becomes kind of status quo. Like another lovely episode to Murder, She Wrote.

Then about a third of the way into the story, it changes. Why? Because of what Ms. Robb excels at - character development. Plus the way Eve respects the dead and fights for them is what really makes it for me. These "dead bodies" are more than just an inanimate object. They had a life, a past, and a story to tell. Eve brings these murder victims back to life and gives them closure. I love it.

I enjoyed how there is a compare and constrast between how different people with money respond. I liked how a Russia Mafia boss is shown in a different light. I like seeing how those with money also have pressures that those without money have. Not everything is black and white, even if Eve prefers it that way. It also feels like more and more of these latest books have something that triggers Eve's traumatic past. It could be why Eve works so much harder to resolve these crimes and bring the criminal to justice.

There are really two different murder cases in here. Yet there are really three different horrendous crimes perpetrated against two different women. Eve and her team are able to find the clues, keep pulling on the threads until it completely unravels. I loved the justice Eve metes. It makes my heart sing in happiness. Because as each heinous crime is revealed, my heart was weeping in sadness.

This series continues to deliver great mystery and detective work. Thoroughly enjoyable and easily read as a standalone. Recommended to readers who enjoy homicides, justice, and BAMF female lead.


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