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Review: Fortune's Favor by Marie Harte

Are you ready for some hot m/m sexual tension? In FORTUNE'S FAVOR, Nathan and Avery heat up the pages with their desire and denial for each other. Avery's psychic gift is foresight. He's partnered up with Nathan to find a killer who also has psychic abilities. Both Nathan and the killer Malcolm possesses psychometry. This is the ability to read an object's history. This would make sense as they are related.

Book four of the Power Up! Series continues to reveal a bit more of the now defunct government psychic division. Ms. Harte is stingy in her information disbursement. We do learn there are hidden agendas Jack, Nathan and Avery's boss, keeps from the team. In addition, the secret client funding Jack's team of psychic investigators is someone none of them expected. This adds to the mystery and makes me want to learn more about this world.

Back to the smexy hot former military man, Avery. Avery is the straight and narrow soldier who gives off hot Dom vibes. Avery is not straight; he's actually quietly bisexual which is good for me because it means women still have a chance with a hot guy like him. He's smart, caring and used to giving orders. I shiver in anticipation of his orders to Nathan.

Nathan is the flaunting gay slut. Or at least that is how he used to behave. He's good looking and he knows it. His reputation of sleeping with any guy is well earned. When he decides to make a change, not many believe his change of heart. I find it a bit skeptical too. Nathan is a hot mess due to his baggage. His history is tangled up and it takes two psychics to unravel the knots. The answers are easy for the reader to predict yet the impact is no less severe or depressing. It's rather sad and for me, it's a commentary on how a person can be used and abused by their company until they become a liability to everyone around them.

The suspense part of this paranormal romance aside, the romance part is hot and smexy. When Nathan and Avery finally get together, I'm fanning myself from the heat. Ms. Harte writes hot sex and when she uses two dominant males fighting for the alpha position, the rough sex has me happily devouring every word. But there is more than just physical fun between the two. The relationship development from partners to friends then lovers is sweet and the right kind of bromance I enjoy. I recommend this m/m paranormal romance to those who enjoy a bit of suspense and sad circumstances.


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