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Review: Fortune's Fool by Mercedes Lackey

★★★ #ThrowbackReview #FortunesFool @mercedeslackey

This series is innovative and fun. Ms. Lackey turns the fairytale world upside down with her tongue in check poking fun at the stereotypical tropes. How do characters in this book avoid being typecasted and forced into doing something they don't want to do? This series is definitely different and a charming experience.

This book can be read as a standalone. In this lighthearted at times story, Ekaterina is a seventh daughter. This is a magical number as all fantasy readers know. To be paired up with a seventh son well...bad or good things could happen. Ekaterina's goal is to find out about Sasha, the 7th son of Belrus. Her job as a spy goes completely awry when she's captured by a Jinn. I did mention this series is a bit wacky, right? The shenanigans that go on are amusing and sometimes a bit out there. (Origami cranes?)

As with all fairy tales, there is a bit of a quest, some dastardly evil force, and a hero to save the princess. Ms. Lackey mixes all of this up with good humour and ties it up with a happily ever after. This is a lengthy book that probably could have been condensed a bit. This fairytale reinterpreted is recommended to fantasy readers who want a lighter read for a lazy Sunday afternoon or a sunny beach read.


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