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Review: Friendship Day on Rosy Lane by Rose Elaine

A genre I do not usually read, I picked up this short story for a slice of life moment in Rosy Lane. From what I can tell, this is a short story in an established series featuring an idealistic place called, Rosy Lane. To avoid spoilers, I will focus on my general feeling about this book.

The author is new to me, Ms. Elaine. The concepts she puts in this book are sweet and completely unrealistic for a jaded businesswoman like me. I am leaving this book unrated and only leaving a review.

In a short story, this book did flip between multiple point of views more than I expected. I was able to to figure out who was talking about what and how they relate to Rose. Personally, whilst I understand Rose's desires and wants, I am not impressed with her decisions. Whilst I do not agree with her aunts and uncles who have absolutely zero business sense, I do not believe we need to go to the extreme that Rose's former beau recommended.

The concept of Rosy Lane as a place for those who are lost is great. Being completely fiscally irresponsible and not protecting the land at all is naive and foolish. I had a hard time getting into this book not only because of the writing voice but also because of the holier-than-thou attitude Rose and her friends throw off. Treasuring the ways of one's ancestors does not mean also leaving behind technology and keeping things status quo so that their way of survival becomes infeasible. Rose's obstinance will be the downfall of this beautiful oasis. Her new fiance, Jim, has his hands full. I feel bad for him and want to tell him to not walk, but to run away from Rose.

Whilst reading this story, my guess is that it is best to read the other books in the series first to get a better picture of all that has happened. I did feel a little dropped into the middle of a drama. Ms. Elaine does do a good job of orienting a new reader quickly. This feel-good story is recommended to readers who enjoy women's fiction.

* I received a copy for an honest review


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