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Review: Fury by Laurann Dohner

I had to see what all the hoopla was about. Some people love the New Species series, others hate them. I'm a lover not a hater. I enjoyed this first book quite a bit. I read through the entire book in one sitting. Three and a half hours later I was so wired I couldn't go to bed.

We are at the beginning of this new world where humans have been DNA spliced with animals. This world is almost identical to Lora Leigh's Breed series. Pretty much everyone who has read Ms. Leigh's Breed series says the same thing.


  1. Evil scientists torturing hybrids.

  2. Animalistic qualities such as fangs, strength, hearing/smelling, etc.

  3. Most importantly, the dicks of each hybrid male takes on characteristics of the animal. Yup, you got it. A knot for the canines!

  4. Pure human hate groups

  5. Creating essentially a reservation/compound as a safe haven for these hybrids.

  6. Mating desires (not heat)

  7. Questions about whether there will be children to cross breed.

  8. Original scientist who designed the hybrids was a female who destroyed all the original paperwork and disappeared. (How much do you want to bet she left with one of the first prototypes and they are still looking very young?)

  9. Focused on one pivotal couple.


  1. Medical company versus a secret consortium.

  2. Spliced with domesticated animals for female sex slaves to satisfy the bestiality sex fetish.

  3. More of a BDSM undertone.

I liked Ellie and Fury. I enjoyed them and found them to be uncomplicated. Ellie's interaction with the female breeds was fun to watch. It was a hoot for them to think of her as a pet poodle. Cute. I do wonder, if there were female sex slaves, are there going to be male ones? I'd be surprised if there were not. I guess I need to read the other books in the series.

Overall this was a 3.5 rating. I recommend this book to paranormal romance lovers who also liked Lora Leigh's breed series.


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