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Review: Gathering Storm by Lyn Gala

★★★★★ I LOVED this book.  I was completely surprised by how enjoyable this book was for me.  It looked kind of good but I didn't expect it to be so good.  The story was a nice slice of life story with military men in it.  There is just something about military men which makes me melt.  I think it's their sense of order, discipline and authority.  The top in this book, Charleston was so HAWT!  Older, a former teacher and former military black ops guy is pretty much a wet dream for me.  I guess it is for Vinnie (aka Troy) too.  It's good to know the main character and I have the same taste in men.  And we even have similar sexual fantasies!  WOOHOO!

I ended up giving this a 5 star because I will want to read parts of it over and over again.  Yes, the story line wasn't very complex.  It was a suspense trying to capture a killer.  The thing that pulled me in is Vinnie's struggle.  His lost little boy situation due to his asshole of a dad broke my heart.  The way that Charleston was so dominating and was able to command Vinnie just made me constantly aroused.  I like that in a book.  I'm eagerly looking for other books by this author now.  I recommend this to m/m lovers who enjoy a dominating top who is also loving. A sweet romance!

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