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Review: Godslayer by Jacqueline Carey

★★★★★ @JCareyAuthor #Godslayer #ThrowbackReview #Mustread

Once upon a time, when Borders still existed there were these awesome author book signings. When I found out the talented Ms. Carey would be making an appearance, I promptly called my favourite Borders bookstore manager and reserved a spot high up in the signing. I actually liked this author's innovating writing so much that I followed her second book signing that week to Home | Nicola's Books ( Photo evidence below.

June 2006 Borders Ann Arbor

June 2006 Nicolas Bookstore

What I remembered clearly about these signings other than meeting an author I adored, is her reading a passage of her new book and how welcoming she was to every eager fan. What surprised me the most, is how she cringed and was apologetic when I brought up this duology. I commented that it was grim and so lovely melancholic dark. To my surprise, Ms. Carey received some not-so-great feedback about this set, and apparently, people were mad that it wasn't a happily ever after. I remember her stating that there were supposed to be more warnings that the two books weren't supposed to be happy ones. I reassured her that I loved it because it did not have a happily ever after. The speculation of what happens when the good loses and how they are painted to look bad was absolutely mind-blowing.

To this day, I still love this duology and I'm a bit embarrassed it has taken me so long to write the reviews for both. This part two of the Sundering is fantastic. It starts up more or less where the first part left off. There is a certain gut-clenching feeling throughout this book because we know there is no miracle or ex deus machine to pull us out of this downward spiral. Instead, the readers stand witness to a travesty of justice being blind and hampered. We witness a god who tried so hard to make it all right and fight the good fight...not make it right. The futility of his struggle did not make it meaningless. Sometimes it is the journey and the lessons of those who failed that inspire a new hero to take a different path for a different story ending.

I have always loved stories (and movies) where the villain is smart and hard to beat. Those who know me are aware that I tend to lean heavily towards Chinese-written saga movies because they end horribly. The good guys die and sometimes the bad guy isn't always exactly a bad guy (See Hero). In this case, GodSlayer is not like the movie Hero, but it contains these elements that make a thinker question. I applaud authors who entertain reads whilst they educate and make them think. This is why Ms. Carey is always on my list of one of the most innovative, intellectual, and compelling storytellers. This part two book is highly recommended to readers who want something different. It is not for the weak or mild.


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