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Review: Grave Dance by Kalyana Price


Starting right back up from the end of book one, Alex is thrown into another sticky situation. This book moves at a fast pace and it is recommended to read these books in the order they were written. If not, there can be a little bit of confusion.

I'm intrigued by the love interests here. Do we go with Death? Or do we go with the Falin? Which team are we on here? Even though this story's focus is on the new case and solving murders, I'm intrigued by this tug of war in love. Frankly, I like Death better than Falin. Death's world is quite different and I want to learn more about this mythos. I'm intrigued, very very intrigue.

Ms. Price continues to flesh out this world. What I find interesting is how much Alex is in the dark about the Fae world too. We learn about it just as she is learning about it. This journey for her starts to mature her and even though she still makes some crazy decisions in a YOLO kind of way, she is thinking about the consequences. What will be up next? Recommended to urban fantasy readers who enjoy a mystery with an element of forbidden romance.


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