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Review: Grave Destiny by Kalayna Price

★★★★ @kalayna #GraveDestiny #BookReview

Is there such thing as too many men in one's life? For Alex this is the case. The unresolved relationship with Death is the one I miss most. Next wek have her "cousin" Dugan the Shadow Prince who is her betrothed. Finally we have Falin, the Winter Knight. Is this an embarrassment of riches?

With is kind of tug of war to see who wins Alex's hand at the end, a reader would be surprised to learn that the plot is less about her romance and more about the instability of the faery courts. This is a pivotal book as many changes come through the choices Alex makes. Alex is constantly fighting an uphill battle with one arm tied behind her. This book continues with the theme.

Whilst Alex is trying to solve a mystery, she learns more about herself and her powers. This leads to creating more enemies as well as strong allies. Ms. Price keeps the story moving along at a clip with action scenes, battles with death and saving lives. I devoured this book and wanted more. Fortunately, this series is mostly done with the 7th book out already. This book must be read in the order written. Reading it out of order will cause confusion and the full impact of all the events leading up to this book will be lessened. This urban fantasy with a twist of romance is recommended to readers who love intrigue, betrayal and shocking revelations.


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