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Review: Grave Witch by Kalyana Price


How exactly did I find this author? I can't remember. New to me Ms. Price writes an alluring urban fantasy series with a kick butt female lead. This is definitely my kind of book. For those who liked Kim Harrison's The Hollows or Yasmine Galenorn's Otherworld series, this is a must read.

This is a new world of where Fae and humans are known to each other yet want to have nothing to do with each other. Alex Craft is a disowned child of a powerful politician - who lobbies for Humans against Fae and magic. This is a bit of a problem as Alex is a witch like no other. She is trying her best to make it through each day as a private investigator.

Alex is a the underdog in this story. It is clear she possesses some major daddy issues and isn't afraid to take it out on males that get in her way. Her magic abilities are in high demand at a great cost to her health. Still, she goes about her life, barely making it through each day. Alex is the quintessential angry rebellious teenager... unfortunately she's a bit too old for it now and it just isn't a good look on her. When a new homicide detective calls her on it, sparks fly - Falin Andrews is not exactly human.

I thoroughly enjoyed the world building here. Learning about Alex and her friends is exciting and new. I'm rooting for Alex and cannot wait to see what is up next for her and Falin. I devoured this book and will be caught up with this series shortly. Recommended for urban fantasy readers who like rooting for the underdog.


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