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Review: Guild Boss by Jayne Castle

★★★★ ½ @JayneAnnKrentz #GuildBoss #NetGalley #Bookreview #MustRead

Everything I hoped for in the latest Harmony novel showed up in Guild Boss. There is romance, mystery, danger, sexy times and above all else, a dust bunny. Never underestimate the draw of a dust bunny. Otis nearly steals the show in this book. I just adore him and wish I had my own little dust bunny buddy.

Returning back to this world, we are in Illusion Town where Lucy, a weather psychic is caught up in a nefarious plot that she is not aware of. What it has done is destroy her credibility and her livelihood. Gabriel, an up and coming Guild member crosses path with her and quickly realizes that she is the key. The key to solving the case he is on? Or the key to his future?

I adore Ms. Castle's romances. Yes, they are formulaic but they work. They work because she adds in little fun details to bring a two dimensional book into 4-D through her vivid descriptions of sight, sound, smell and taste. I can visualize each scene so well as Ms. Castle describes it. There is something magical about her writing style because within the first page, I'm immediately catapulted into an alien world that is similar to ours in so many ways yet different.

Gabriel and Lucy are similar to most of her romance novels. Gabriel is a stoic alpha male who likes to fix problems. He's logic and loathes all the societal niceties required for his job. Lucy is a plucky female who is down on her luck. She doesn't accept charity but has built a network of friends... all in low places. The character who is most loved and too adorable is Otis. Otis is a dust bunny which no one really knows what or where they come from. They each have personalities with exquisite body language and non-verbal communication. Ms. Castle excels at describing Otis and his antics. I absolutely adore them. Every scene with Otis in it is a treat.

The mystery aspect of this story is well written. This story is cohesive, smooth and captivating. I devoured it and became even more excited at the end because it seems, that this is NOT the last in this marvelous world. Ms. Castle may be planning more books in this universe which thrills me to no end. Just as I think the story will come to a closure, Ms. Castle adds in some enhancing scenes which brings me joy and generates laughter. When it comes to a lighter romance with some dark threads, Ms. Castle is an expert. This paranormal romance is highly recommended to everyone, especially readers who have been inundated with the joylessness of today's pandemic world. This is a must read book.

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