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Review: Hard as Stone by Sara Brookes


Gothic fans, lover of Gargoyles, this is the book for you! There is something about a Gargoyle or in this book; Grotesques that is so sexy to me. Gargoyles are stone creatures created to allow rain to siphon off buildings, like a downspout. Grotesques are stone carvings which do not function as a downspout. See, reading erotic novels are educational. In Ms. Brooke’s Hard as Stone, we meet a guardian watching over Brady. Brady is a trauma surgeon who is burned out. Alone and depressed from the latest string of patient deaths, Brady is lost. Garrett has been watching Brady for years. He’s there to protect and aid Brady.

When Garrett finally reveals himself to Brady, a sigh of relief can be heard. This symbiotic relationship is the start of a new chapter, for both. I found this story to be very sweet and heartwarming. This is the book I’d read when I’m down and out and want a bit of sweet loving and cuddling. The BDSM in this story is very light. So light that I’m not sure I can even classify it as SugarKink. The erotic scenes between Garrett and Brady are smexy and delightful. I enjoyed it on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

This contemporary m/m love story poses no heavy conflict. There are no dire situations or love wronged that need to be set right. Instead, it’s about two lovers who finally meet and come together. One who has been yearning for years while the other is oblivious. Yet when the truths are revealed, the heart recognizes each other and we end with a start to something magical. I recommend this book to m/m lovers who want a little bit of magic to their story.


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