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Review: Healed with a Kiss by Sharon Buchbinder

★★★ ½ @sbuchbinder #HealedwithaKiss #netgalley

Cat's Caw Cove is a special place where magical beings can live more or less out in the open. This may include ghosts, talking cats and even a leprechaun. This book can be read as a standalone. Various authors have come together to write stories about different characters in this idyllic town. It is cute and corny in the best of ways.

This book features one of the Redbirds again. Brendan is here to visit his grandmother and his sister. What he doesn't expect is to find a woman he wants to date after a heartbreaking disaster of his last relationship.

This story moves along quickly and the quirky characters are funny and sometimes over the top. Brendan is the only one who is "human" and this woo-woo stuff makes him crazy. However, as events unfold, Brendan has to reconcile his science side with his magical heritage.

The pace of this book is fast as we are rushed through Brendan's coming of age into his magic and other abilities. This is all mixed with a crazy ex-lover, estranged father, pregnant sister and 3 talking cats who adopt him. This book kind of feels like I'm taking an acid trip. Or maybe this is what people feel like when they are getting high. Speaking of high, 2 of the cats in this story definitely get high on catnip to their detriment.

This story is chock full of humour, snarky responses, possessive females and mischievous fae. It is a quick read and a hilarious ride. This sweet romance is recommended to readers who want something light and fun to entertain them for a few hours.

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