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Review: Hell on Wheels by Julie Ann Walker

Recommended by a friend, I picked up this book specifically to try out "motorcycle clubs" again. I am not a fan of MC themed stories because for the most part, the way women are treated in this man's world just bugs me. It isn't because women are submissive here or need to take the man's lead. It is more the blatant lack of respect the men have for women, especially sweetbutts and yet they demand to have the utmost kowtow respect from women. Yeah... not going to fly for me.

In this one, I would say Ms. Walker doesn't take this approach and tends to rosy colour the MC world in a better light. There is still the proverbial bad boy with a "heart of gold". This review is probably more for this entire series as I snarfed it down one after another. I enjoyed this series of guys who are out to protect their women. Also, this MC is a bit more than meets the eye which is why I tend to like it a bit better. I realize there are all sorts of reasons why a MC could be formed. The reason and backing for the Black Knights is an appealing one and fun to read.

This series is more suspense with mix with romance which works well for me. The story moves at a good pace and each book can be read as a standalone, but it is better read one after another. This first book contains most of the world building. The following books build upon them and feature secondary characters. This first book sets the tone with Nate as the bad boy trying to find redemption and a second chance with Ali, the girl he's always fixated upon. This romantic suspense is recommended to readers who like motorcycle clubs and second chance themes.


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