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Review: Her Wolf in the Wild by Rien Gray

★★★★ @RienGray @carinapress @TRRtweet #HerWolfintheWild #NetGalley

Motorcycle club populated with shifters is normal now. What is different is the alpha of this pack is a female. Micah is interesting because she comes from a line of alpha werewolves. The world building in this story is intriguing and I hope this means that this will become a series. Because there are subplots going on that I want to see come to fruition.

This story kicks off with tense action as Christiana is fleeing from an ex. Unfortunately for Christiana, her ex is someone with power and it isn't as easy to escape him in her junky car. Riding to Christiana's rescue is Micah. From the moment these two meet, it is obvious there is a spark.

I am a fan of F/f romances. It is difficult to find books in this genre let alone well written. I am so pleased new to me author Ms. Gray writes Ff romances and does more than contemporary. She is now added to my list of authors to read. Her writing shows great potential. Her characters are well developed. Her plot is straightforward yet layered. Her worldbuilding is what needs work. Unless a person is well read in the paranormal werewolf mythos, it might feel as though there are some pieces missing. For me, this type of world is so familiar that I fill in any blanks with my own assumptions. This is not to say that Ms. Gray should go overboard to compensate for readers who are new to paranormal or werewolves.

The romance in this story is brutal and honest. I like how it isn't girlie or any of the stereotypes people expect from an F/f story. The romance is two people who find they are attracted to each other. They just happen to both be women. This is what I'm looking for in an F/f story. Nothing is focused on their sexual orientation. It is all about the wooing and courting between two lovers. The sexy times in this story is sweet and sexy. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who love a white knight riding to the rescue of a damsel in distress.

* Provided by The Romance Reviews by Carina Press via NetGalley

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