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Review: Hidden Passions by Emma Holly

★★★ ½

Tigers, wolves and dragons, oh my! This paranormal smorgasbord is not to be missed. HIDDEN PASSIONS is a 3.5 star, fast-paced story.

The timeline in this story occurs in parallel to Hidden Dragon. The main character is sexy Tony, Rick's brother and fellow cop. Tony is an omega werewolf shifter. He's a cop in Resurrection. He's totally sexy with just one drawback--he is gay. In this paranormal world, gay men are frowned upon. So when Tony falls for a sexy tiger shifter, Chris Savoy, it's a problem. Chris is deep in the closet and has no desire to be outed. He is a fireman who saves lives. As a gay shifter, it could mean his job.

Ms. Holly does a great job of showing how difficult it can be when one person is out to the world and the other lover is not. The conflict Chris and Tony experience is heartbreaking. Chris wants more, but he can't give it. Tony wants more, but he is afraid to ask for it. The sexual tension in this story is delicious. Plus, they get a little kinky with rough dominance sexual play, which just increases the heat.

Ms. Holly shows the world from a different perspective, which is pretty cool. When the dragons are rescued, the reader saw it firsthand through Cassie and Rick's view in a prior book. This time around, it comes through secondhand from Chris and Tony. Seeing how Tony is impacted and supports the pack is illuminating. It helps this world become more complex and rich.

The characters are what really make this story work. Tony is strong yet yields so sweetly. He's the voice of reason and the one people rely on. He's constantly underestimated. The way he supports Chris is moving. He's a beautiful soul with the sweetest disposition. It is so easy to fall for him. It's understandable why Chris is so torn. Chris seems to be very simple, yet as more is revealed about him, the reader sees why Chris is the way he is. It comes to a point where it's questionable if the two can overcome all the obstacles and still have their happily ever after.

Ms. Holly magically brings it all together in the end. Recommended for m/m paranormal lovers who enjoy alpha males and happily ever afters.


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