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Review: High Jinx by Kelley Armstrong

★★★★★ @KelleyArmstrong #HighJinx

Beware of Greek gods bearing gifts. Kennedy learned about how the Greek gods came to be in the last book. She is re-starting her business back in her hometown when things go awry. This story makes me livid all over again with Zeus. I get he's the supposed youngest of all and the one who saved them from their psycho father, but I never thought he was a good guy. Apparently, neither does Ms. Armstrong as she points out some obvious flaws to his character. I loathe him as he is the classic abuser who gets away with everything due to his charm and power. Warning, this may be a review rant against Zeus and the bad rap Hera received.

As a meme I once saw mentioned, if Zeus just kept his dick in his pants, the Greek mythology book would be so much smaller. In this world, the Greek gods are immortals and due to their power, they can be a bit overwhelming. With such longevity, life in general, I think becomes a tad meaningless. Human life becomes a commodity that is easily discarded. My disgust for Zeus increases in this iteration of him. As more is revealed about how Hera needed to put up with him and how she still took care of his numerous bastard children, my rage increases. It also boils over as we see Aiden's parents mirror the relationship Zeus had with Hera. To say that I loathe Aiden's father and would drop kick him off a cliff after eviscerating him, chopping his balls off, shoving them up his ass, shitting into his mouth would be an understatement and mildly describe what I want to do to him. I know, I hold back and don't share how I really feel.

For me, even if Kennedy is the unwilling messenger and intended collateral damage, my ire and focus are all on Zeus. He is the epitome of a privileged asshole who is narcissistic, self-centered, and misogynistic. I want him to die. . . if only he wasn't immortal.

Kennedy and Aiden have their own issues that come to a head in this story. The interference from multiple interested parties who should have no say in their friendship is infuriating. I would say the majority of this book caused me to be in a frothing rage as the indignities are bestowed upon Kennedy. Kennedy is witty, fun, smart, and good-hearted. The fact that so many devalue her because her specialty magic is considered "low brow" is unacceptable to me. I find that her patron goddess tends to run into similar situations and it makes me mad. I am vested in Kennedy's life now and I want to see her continued character growth. She is surviving against the odds and still keeping her own identity. I love her. She is the underdog I root for because she doesn't give up and she doesn't give in. This New Adult fantasy is recommended for readers who enjoy Greek mythology and want to see an underestimated mortal battle petty gods.


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