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Review: Honey Badger Don't Care: Randall's Guide to Crazy, Nastyass Animals


Randall is a foul mouthed hilarious narrator. His youtube video commentary on the Honey Badger caused me to laugh uncontrollably with tears rolling down my face. His witty remarks successfully transfer across to the written word. In this humourous book, we are treated to tidbits about the lesser known animals. Most of these animals are endangered or critical endangered. Some of them are just nasty which Randall notes with sharp and witty remarks.

While Randall isn't able to deliver his funny commentary with his distinctive oral tone, he's able to match it with some of the funkiest font. I particularly liked the i's dotted with little hearts. Since I've listened to the Honey Badger video many times, when I read this book, I could hear Randall speaking in my head. That was kind of strange, yet pleasantly stimulating.

This book does provide little known trivia about each of these animals. Randall turns dry facts into juicy gossip which as we all know, gossip is easier to remember and spread. If it were not for the swear words, I could easily see this as a book for kids to read and enjoy.

I recommend this book to people who love animals, even if the animals aren't too cuddly. Warning, to read this book, a sense of humour is required as well as a tolerance for blue language. I recommend it for a fast and fun read.

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