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Review: Hostile Takeover by Joey W. Hill


Ben has been Marcie's teenage crush. Do first crushes bloom into love? I think they can. Marcie does her damnest to prove to Ben her love is real, even if she is only 23 and he's 32. Pfft. It's a know fact (yes, I'm bias) that women mature quicker than men. With Marcie's history of her parents deserting them and becoming second mother to help her older sister Cass, Marcie grew up very quickly. I think of when I was 23 with two younger siblings. At 23 I had been working for 3 years full time and I bought my first home. I spent time helping my mother raise my much younger siblings to the point that they don't think of me as an older sister but more a second mother. I get Marcie. I believe in her. She is a painslut though. Yikes. I'm a masochist but in different ways. I couldn't handle what she physically went through with Ben. I'd had cried "red" like a little baby.

Big Dicked Ben loves anal. Go figure. A man who has abandonment issues in his past prefers anal. Is this really a surprise? No. Fortunately for me, I LOVE reading anal. Okay, yes, I try it too, but my DH's big is so damn thick it takes practice and I'm not a good little girl like Marcie practicing to take a big dick in my ass and down my throat. Although, I'm starting to wonder about the techniques in the book and may try them out.

This story is a well developed and complex love story. I can't quite give it a 5 star. I give it a 4.5 star which truncates to a 4. The amount of emotional turmoil in this book is just right. Not overly done maudlin, but just the right amount to provide angst. I confess to a few sniffles while reading this story. The family and community in this book is what really makes it for me. The strong bonds of family love, brotherly love and sisterhood just wows me. This is what I want. This is what I fantasize about and don't know how to get. This is why the book receives a 4 star from me. The smexy scenes, bondage scenes and hot hot SM scenes melt me and give it the added .5 star. Ms. Hill does write some of the best emotional grabbing books for me. Her characters pull me in and I just adore them. I do enjoy this series so much and this last book is probably my favourite. It's a bit more intense than her other books. It's a lovely D/s and SM book. There is no humiliation which is rare in a SM book. The BD is there too, but not as prevalent to me as the D/s and SM. I wouldn't call it hardcore though. I recommend this book to BDSM lovers who have graduated past the SugarKink and GlitterKink. For those who enjoy the SM, this book is one to read.


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