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Review: In His Arms by Joey W. Hill


When it comes to invoking feelings and detailing a complex romance, Ms. Hill delivers consistently. Full disclosure, I avoided all spoilers and did not read the blurb for this story. All I knew was that it was probably a maledom based on the beautiful cover. For those going in cold like me, brace yourself for the feels.

What I enjoyed most about this love story, is how it is built up over time and shared experiences. Rory and Daralyn have known each other for a while. Rory's mother is the one who saved Daralyn from a horrific childhood of humiliations, violations and abuse. Daralyn also knows Rory before and after his near fatal accident which has left him in a wheelchair.

I am impressed with how Ms. Hill demonstrates how two people find their balance with each other. Both Rory and Daralyn have certain things that make their daily routine different than the average Joe. I learned so much about the health concerns and routine needed for someone who is in a wheelchair. It is eye opening. What is also pleasing, is how Ms. Hill shows that a dominant is a dominant no matter if they are on their two legs or supported in a chair. Exploring the kink world as a newbie dominant through Rory's eyes is delightful. It brings back fond memories of when I first started to explore and learn more about myself and my kinks. Fortunately for Rory, he has a great support system and an experienced mentor to help.

The power exchange and the dynamic between dominant and submissive in a DS relationship is beautifully depicted here. I especially liked how Ms. Hill shows that Masters are not infallible. And that mistakes made can be handled in a positive manner for learning and growth. Explaining the desires and what a dominant receives from a submissive is superbly captured here through Rory's thoughts and actions. Even as we watch him spiral out of control when Daralyn seeks additional healing.

This romance is sweet and romantic. It is a gentle breeze, swaying the kink hammock for readers to lay back and enjoy the ride. I highly recommend this contemporary romance to readers looking for alpha males who discover their dominant side and do something wickedly sexy about it.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book


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