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Review: It's One of Us by J.T. Ellison

★★★★ @thrillerchick #ItsOneofUS #Autoread #NetGalley

If it is written by Ms. Ellison, I will read it. I do not even have to read the blurb and I will pick up the book. She is one of my newest go to authors when it comes to intrigue, complex plots, and a thick meaty read. There are times when I want to read a fluff piece. There are times when I want to read something thought provoking or multilayered. When it comes to the later, Ms. Ellison is a go to author. This one is a doozy!

I loved this book and it was a page turner for me because of the unexpected twists and turns in the story. It is an all too realistic tale of a couple trying to get pregnant but unsuccessful. For someone who was unable to conceive or carry a baby to term, this story may feel more intense. For Olivia, I feel for her and the hits just keep on coming for her. For her to unable to have a baby yet her husband suddenly seems to be finding kids popping up out of the woodwork, this is major salt in the wounds.

Olivia is a woman whose whole world turns upside down and her husband, the one who loves her and should be the one that supports her most kills her through neglect and lying. At first I felt bad for Park. Near the end, I just wanted to drop kick him off a cliff. Even the backstory with Olivia and her Park makes me sad for her and disgusted with him. Olivia picked the wrong man to marry.

This story is written from several different people's point of view. Whilst I did like one of the many children Park sired, as the story went on and how she completely disrupts Olivia's life pisses me off. It is as if Olivia is a broken toy and no longer something Park cherishes so she's easy to be tossed aside as a new younger and shinier toy is ready for Park to enjoy. Park shows absolutely no loyalty. He is a worthless.

Amidst complicated relationship drama, bad things are happening. Specifically, someone is killing of people and making it seem as though Park is part of it. I have to say, near the end turned out about how I thought it would go even if I didn't exactly like how it ended for Park. And perhaps, for Olivia, her change in life placed her where she needed to be. With the one who sees her and appreciates her. I thoroughly enjoyed the conflicting needs and priorities amongst the various characters in this suspense. Recommended to readers who appreciate heartache and can find a different life than they envisioned.

*provided by NetGalley

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