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Review: King's Conquest by Valentina Heart


The male consort can give birth to children and usually there is more than one child. Yes, you read that right. A certain type of man in this world can become pregnant, carry children to term and delivery the babies. Prince Rinin from the kingdom of Kari is part of the surrender terms to the kingdom of Jede. He is to be King Merinej’s uralain. For Rinin, this is worse than death, even though an uralain is one of many concubines and an honour. Rinin considers an uralain nothing more than a whore. He forces King Merinej to sign a wedding contract which includes a promise to produce a child.

I picked this book because I had to read how a man could possibly become pregnant. My mind could not conceive how this could happen. I was pleasantly surprised how Ms. Heart made this a reality. This world she created is a familiar one. Warring countries forces the losing side to submit their royalty into sexual slavery. Two countries are brought together with a possibility of children uniting them. I want to know more about each of the countries. We only see a little bit of the differences. I would have liked to learn more about the magic in this world. Does the magic create the power shifts in this world? I’d like to learn more about it and how they use their magic. Is it only for warfare? Or do they use it for daily chores? The little bit of elemental magic taste only whet my appetite. Just as the story pulled me fully into it, it ended.

The relationship between Rinin and Merinej is classic Ms. Heart. One of the characters is unsure of themselves due to a negative influence in their life. The other character balances out with his self confidence and desire to protect. Rinin’s the gentle one who needs affirmation since his upbringing can be summed up in one word – oppressed. Watching Rinin blossom under Merinej’s love and protection is sweetly romantic. This gentle relationship building is something I look forward to in every Ms. Heart book. The King’s Conquest does not disappoint in sweetness. I recommend this book for the m/m reader who wants a sweet romance blooming from adversity.

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