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Review: Last Strand by Jennifer Estep

This is it. This is the finale we have been waiting for since we first met Gin. Full disclosure, I didn't read the book right before this one. Somehow I missed a book and I regret it. This book should not be read until book 18 in this series is first read. As it is, now that I have the spoiler, I probably won't go back and read book 18.

The main story arc through the last half of this series is all about the Circle. Gin's arch nemesis has ben Mab. When Gin defeated Mab, she found out that Mab's killing of her family was only an order. Mab didn't make the decision to kill Gin's mother. In fact, it appears Gin's mother was in a secret society with Mab. Where did it all go wrong? How did friends or at least allies turn into enemies?

There are always movers and shakers who want to reimagine the world. It seems that when it first starts, people have good intentions. As more power is granted or developed by the group, things go sour. It is as if humans just cannot contain themselves. Those who want to rule and lead, they tend to go corrupt faster than others that don't choose to be the one calling the shots.

The first half of this book is a bit frustrating. Gin is getting her literal and proverbial butt kicked by the bad guys. Gin isn't a master strategies. She is best in the shadows, working to take out who needs to be assassinated. Being out in the open with different factions going after her and shown her that she isn't really fit to be the queen of the underworld crime. She's stuck with the title and her circle of questionable do-gooders are there to support her.

When Gin finally figures out a strategy to take down the main villain, it is nicely executed and a bit of fun. This did feel a bit anticlimactic even if the big showdown completely devastates and undermines the villain. The ending fight scene is explosive and a bit all too predictable. The conclusion is satisfying. This series has had its ups and downs for me. Overall, I found it to be a great read. I definitely see the writing growth of Ms. Estep from book one to book nineteen. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who have been longing for Gin's final vengeance.


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