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Review: Life in Fusion by Ethan Day

★★★★★ Boone aka butt boy is certifiable.  All I know is, if this was a female lead, people would be ripping Boone to shreds.  Since he's a drama queen gay guy, I guess it's okay.  Double standards at its best.  Seriously, just about everything about Boone DRIVES ME CRAZY!  I should hate this crazy mo-fo.  He's vain, irreverent, selfish, conceited, just everything bad.  The bad stereotypes one sees for gay guys. 

Boone's not really that way though.  It's his facade to protect himself.  He's kind of endearing that way and grows on a person.  Of course, based upon how his parents behave, well, it's no wonder. 

Wade on the other hand is dreamy.  This alpha male with the ability to get stuff done is amazing.  I'd be his love slave.  Too bad he doesn't like women.  But seriously, it has to be tough for Boone since Wade is held at such a high level of admiration and respect.  Can he be good enough for Wade?  That's a very tough pill to swallow. 

Mr. Day reeled me in again with his engaging characters.  His dialog between the characters are amazing.  The sheer snarkiness and wacky zany humour left me in stitches.  I like his way of presenting things in a fresh new light.  I love it.  This was a wonderful follow up to Sno Ho.  Mr. Day is an auto buy for me.  His ability to entertain through written word is a true gift.  I'm left speechless.

His ability to create hot sexy scenes without toys or the aid of BDSM (my passionate kink) is even more amazing to me.  I'm left all aroused and horny after reading this book.  I recommend this book to m/m lovers who enjoy snarky characters and happily ever afters.


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