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Review: Light Switch by Lauren Gallagher


I should have saved this for February's friends to lovers challenge. This was a lovely friends to lovers BDSM story. I have to admit, the beginning was so damn slow. For the first couple of BDSM scenes, I nearly fell asleep twice. Scott is a damn tease. Kris is a very very lucky woman with two hot hot men. This ménage which originally started out as a sexual freedom from a lackluster ex-boyfriend became complicated. I loved how Kris was best friends with Scott and Matt first. (Side note, did anyone notice that Scott and Matt's initials were flipped? SM and MS? And did anyone else find it interesting that Scott was the Sadist and Matt more of a masochist? Hence the switching of the S and M for them? Or am I reading into this too much?)

I found Scott's ritual so damn hot. The wine and rolling up the sleeves was very sexy. I'm thinking of telling my DH so he too can come up with a ritual for us. Ms. Gallagher writes some really sensual and sexy BDSM scenes. They are authentic and I can't wait to nudge my DH to read some of them so he can get a good idea of what I'd like to play with next.

This story was an all around smexy read. The poly part to it was kind of difficult to resolve and I didn't feel as the end really resolved it. It just put it off for later. While Scott made valid points, it still felt like a big pink elephant in the room. I still don't understand why they don't move in together. I would have done so after a year. That's just me.

I'm impressed with Ms. Gallagher's writing of BDSM and I can't wait to read more of her work. She's still kind of new to me even though I've been a follower of her m/m writing. She's now added to my list of authors I'd definitely recommend.


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