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Review: Lightning Game by Christine Feehan

★★★ ½ #bookreview @AuthorCFeehan #LightningGame

Ghostwalkers continue, featuring Rubin in this latest book. Rubin is able to divert electricity. He studies it and tries to figure out what else he can do with it. What he doesn't know is that once again, the mad scientist plaguing their team has created his perfect match in Jonquille.

Jonquille is a double whammy with two specialized paranormal skills which does not even cover her amazing intellect. Learning about Jonquille's dark childhood filled with humiliation, violence and cruelty is the recurring theme with all these experimented upon orphaned girls. Just as I think Ms. Feehan can not torture these girls anymore, she brings up more ways to violate and degrade these children now adult women. Honestly, I am not sure why more of these girls are not homicidal maniacs. It is truly puzzling.

The interaction between Rubin and Jonquille is electric... pun intended. Their initial contact threw off sparks that could have started a fire. They are both strong willed people who want to do what is best. The clashing is normal and fun to watch. The trials they go through together in this book help build their relationship strong in a rapid pace manner. I loved it.

This series continues to pound on their characters and invoke emotional responses from readers. I constantly feel sorrow for these abused children and taken advantage of solders. I don't pity them because they all come out as survivors and they now have formed a great family unit. This underlying theme of building familial bonds is what attracts me to this series over and over again. Plus it is kind of cool to see what kind of super powers these heroes and heroines possess. Ms. Feehan adds another great installment to this series.

This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who like superpowers and suspense.

*provided by Edelweiss


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