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Review: Loss in Bliss by Sophie Oak


I'm in a reading slump. I'm trying to read 600 books this year and I don't think I'm going to make it. I'm in so many challenges that I can barely keep them straight. I don't like when reading is a chore. What do I do when I'm in a reading slump and I have reviews I don't want to write? I go straight to Ms. Sophie Oak. I can ALWAYS count on her to bring me out of my book blues. Lost in Bliss does not disappoint. Yes, it's another menage were two men who are like night and day chase after a woman and have to convince her she's the one for them both. Yes another killer is in BLISS again!! I'm starting to agree with the news media, there is something about Bliss where there just seems to be too many killers for such a peace loving small town. Are these guys, Rafe and Cam so different than Nate and Zack or the twins? Well, no, not really. Laura is a bit different than the other women but she's still kind of predictable. Why is it that I adore this series so much? It's because of the loving characters devotion and loyalty to each other. It's because Ms. Oak creates an utopian place where the people are accepted for who they are. People genuinely care about each others. Neighbors know each other. I can't tell you how appealing this is for me. It's something that is only fictitious yet it is something I crave for, desperately. Each of the characters in the small town are zany and can be total busybodies, but none of them are mean spirited. The fact that there are so many protective alpha men in the town also causes me to swoon in ecstasy. It's nice to see men who are men and women who are still strong and independent. Nobody is perfect in this town and it's so refreshing. They all pull together in a crisis which is just heartwarming for a jaded cynic like me. This is the gentler side of life that I enjoy reading about from time to time. Of course, there is hot sex because Ms. Oak is writing erotica. Most of all, I love the quirky humour Ms. Oak injects into her stories. It adds another dimension to her stories that makes it more relate-able for me. For example, how Mel responds to FBI is hilarious. The fact that the entire town can predict what will happen next and also tries to head off his paranoia just has me giggling like a loon. "Doc will have to tranq the nice man. Put these shirts on." HAH HAH The sayings on the t-shirts made me laugh even harder. I wish those shirts were available to wear. I'd wear them. This book is for those who love a menage, suspense and a lovely HEA. Ms. Oak is definitely a favourite of mine. I hope you enjoy her too.


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