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Review: Love and Library by Lauren Connolly

★★★1/2 @laurenaliciaCon #LoveandLibrary #TooCute

Going off to college can be daunting when there are no friends or family nearby. For those who are used to having their family close by and can go for a visit at any time, trying to make new friends can be very rough. Hannah Smalls is this type of person and she's just sticking out the best she can. With no real friends yet, she focuses on school work and prizes a special place in the library to do her homework.

When Ms. Connolly describes the special chair Hannah fights Nathan Cooper over, I can completely visualize this. Fortunately for me, I didn't have to fight my special spot, but I could see my favourite place to do my homework in the UGLi at U of M. I can relate to Hannah's outrage if her special chair disappears. Her antics and possessiveness are hilarious. Her initial interactions with Nathan are filled with contention and contempt. I'm usually not an enemies-to-lovers theme reader so this one caught me off guard.

I found myself thoroughly amused by Hannah and Nathan's one-upmanship. When they finally decide to talk with each other, the sparks fly even more. This is a quick read and oh so sweet. If only my first year at college were as sweet and straightforward as Hannah's. One note, I was pleasantly surprised to read an Asian female character. It is rare that I find books with Asian characters. This contemporary romance is recommended to new adult readers who enjoy enemies-to-lovers themes.


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