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Review: Love Hard by Nalini Singh

★★★★ @NaliniSingh #bookreivew #LoveHard

When it comes to romance, be it paranormal or contemporary, Ms. Singh always makes my heart sing in happiness. In this Hard Play series, Jacob Esera is our golden boy hero. He leads a model life as a rugby player because he wants to make sure his baby girl is always protected. He is one of the few athletes with zero scandals and a stable loving family supporting him. They rallied around him years ago when his childhood sweetheart got pregnant and they married. Now as a single father, he leans on the love and support from his family and friends.

As a second chance mixed with enemies to lovers story, this one is a bit of a tear-jerker. Juliet blasts into his life again and leaves a huge wake. A former classmate, they had a tug o'war relationship with Jacob's wife... bestfriend versus boyfriend. Who wins out and who loses?

What I liked about this story is the growth and maturity shown in teenage Jacob versus adult Jacob. I see the lack of quick judgment in this mature Jacob which is attractive. Juliet's hard lessons have made her more cautious. I find it interesting to see the other side's story for events that happened in the past. Because most oft than not, they are drastically different. In this case, Jacob and Juliet's perspective of what happened is definitely different and shows how insensitive and judgmental children can be.

Ms. Singh weaves a lovely tale of romance with threats of scandal and past hurts. This contemporary romance is recommended to everyone.


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