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Review: Magic Claims by Ilona Andrews

The stories written by Ilona Andrews gets better and better for me. In the latest installment in the Kate Daniel's world, Kate is forced to face some hard truths. Her Aunt is perfect. I love how Kate is smacked in the face with some harsh realities. They are facts she needs to face and she now ready to move into a new phase of her life.

What I love about these books is the continuous growth. This is both for the characters as well as the authors. The writing is more spellbinding. The characters are better developed. The dialog is sharp and crisp. My favourite is how morals and integrity are shown through actions by the honourable characters.

Now that Conlan is older and starting to be noticed, Kate and Curran decide to move out of their anonymous bubble. The decisions they have to make about their life are not easy because of their unique power. I like this kind of conflict because it is deep and difficult. Life is not easy and contrived conflicts are shallow and meaningless. We will never see shallow or meaningless from Ilona Andrews. I like to think it is the influence of her Russian upbringing where children were not coddled in her generation. I digress.

Kate's entrance back into the a person of power is with a bang. I loved the set up of this story and every scene. This is a coming of age for Kate and it is so good. I have read this book at least 30 times already since I downloaded it on release day. There are many practical lessons in this story on leadership, empathy, responsibility, team building, and integrity. I read Ilona's books and I'm inspired to do better and be a better me. For this, I truly appreciate their writing. In a world focused on malicious envy, petty drama, and loose morals, Ilona's books stand apart as they shine brightly with depth, hard lessons, and mercy.

I eagerly wait for the next book in this series. I highly recommend this book to everyone.


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