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Review: Make me, Sir by Cherise Sinclair

I've been a fan of Ms. Sinclair since I read her first Shadowland's title.  I've enjoyed all of her books; this is definitely my favourite.  I wasn't sure what the book was going to cover, but I figured it would feature a stubborn sub since it was titled, "Make Me, Sir".  The sassy sub kept me laughing throughout the book.

Gabi definitely comes across as a confused and stubborn sub.  The reasons for her mixed signals are apparent to the reader.  To the doms, not so much.  I found it amusing as her behaviour makes no sense to them and they try everything to figure it out.  What I love most about Ms. Sinclair's world is the existence of this club, populated with different dom/dommes.  This safe, sane, consensual environment is attractive and only makes me wish one existed, just like this, near me.

One specific scene sticks out into my mind.  The doms finally figure out the truth, by forcing Gabi into subspace.  From my experience, this is very true.  Unlike Gabi, I don't remember the questions asked.  I do know I answer ever question asked.  Makes me wonder if this works on everyone!

The doms Ms. Sinclair creates are all different but with the same underlying appealing characteristic. . . they all experienced doms who can read a sub.  I also like how none of her doms are perfect.  Each one has an experience in their past that causes them to have certain quirks.  I find it a bit too "perfect" in each story the sub matched to the dom exhibits the characteristics which pushes the dom's buttons.  Even so, I enjoy this matching and want to keep reading about it even though it isn't realistic.

Speaking of realistic, Ms. Sinclair's dom are a fantasy which I find alluring.  I only wish I had one; unfortunately this is fiction, so I am resigned to disappointment in real life.  I do recommend this book.  Beware . . . once you start it, you may not put it down until you finish it.

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