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Review: Meet Me in Madrid by Verity Lowell

★★★ @CarinaPress @HarlequinBooks #MeetmeinMadrid @NetGalley

Long distance dating is one of the toughest things on relationship. Charlotte knows this only too well. When she meets up with a woman from her past in Madrid, sparks fly and a relationship is born.

I am always on the look out for some good ff romance. This one between Charlotte and Adrianna is a bit too slow for me. In addition, the characters are developed in a mediocre manner. I say this because I kept having to remind myself which one is Charlotte and which one is Adrianna. There wasn't enough to distinguish between the two women.

So why did I still rate it 3 star? Because I liked the conflict the two experienced. I enjoyed how they had jobs that took them away from each other. They had to work to keep their relationship going. I liked how it presented real life problems when two women both relatively established in their careers and trying to move up the ladder end up in a relationship which could impact their careers.

I am mixed about the outcome of their career because it did feel like one person had to sacrifice more for the other. This is a universal truth for most dual income couples. I have to admit I felt anxiety waiting to see what both ladies would end up deciding.

I also liked how Ms. Lowell addresses the issue of being "other". Both women's racial and sexual identity seem to have been more noticed than their work. I found this to be sad. Because they are more than just a person of colour or a lesbian. They both are amazing at their jobs and to be relegated to be a token promotion or to be let go because of an aspect of their life, not their work merits is depressing for me. It is captured quite well in this book.

Overall, this book is going in many different directions with subplots that imply history that needs to be explained more. Or other subplots hint at a possible future story with a broken marriage and a switch to play for the other team. This contemporary romance is messy, complicated, and real to life. Recommended to ff readers who enjoy happily ever afters.

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