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Review: Midnight Sins by Lora Leigh


Rafer loves a much younger woman who is his blood brother's wife's younger sister. He is a bad boy along with his two cousins who are ostracized in this small minded town. Orphaned, their grandparents treated them like garbage. Only one uncle stood by them and he was harassed his entire life. Who knows what their parents did that caused an entire town to turn against them. Some secrets are kept by killing. As an Nauti boy, he too is a military man with "secret" clearance that can't be checked up on. Wait, stop. This isn't in the Nauti boy series. Yet the similarities down to the baby that was miscarried and was conceived during a drunken night.

This book wasn't as engaging for me as some of her other books. I'm a big Lora Leigh fan so I'm surprised. I started on her books with Bound Hearts series. I enjoyed her Nauti boys soo much. Her elite ops and SEALS series are also ones I enjoy. This one, something was just missing. I didn't really bond with Cami. I felt badly for her. She received a raw deal. This entire book basically felt like "paying for the sins of a father/mother" theme which became trying. I am still curious as to what this deep dark secret will be. I'll probably borrow the books just so I can know. The characters don't pull me and I have to say, first time I skipped the sex scenes. I know, it's Lora Leigh book, how could I skip the sex scenes? They really didn't do it for me. The ending to this book felt chopped. We have to wait until March for the next one which I bet is Amelia and cousin Crowe.


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