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Review: Murder at Haven's Rock by Kelley Armstrong

Kicking off a new series spin-off, Casey and Eric are back. This is now maybe version 3.0 of this experiment to have a safe haven for people. They are going to be off the grid in Alaska and perhaps in a nicer facility than the previous "encampment". As the title hints at, things go awry even before they can open up and move into their new home.

I LOVE IT! There are already subplots created as well as conspiracies going on that make me wonder if Casey does attract all the crazies. This is a wonderful start to a new series and I'm so excited for them. This is their chance to make their Haven their own. This kind of off grid and setting things up always makes me happy and excited. The logistics of it makes me swoon in delight.

The murder part of it makes me a little more nervous and whilst I understand few here are allowed to carry. . . you betcha that I'd be one that would get in line to be carrying. It helps that I also am licensed. I enjoy how Ms. Armstrong sets the stage in this "new world". I also appreciate the frustrations Casey goes through as her work takes precedence and overshadows this new joyous occasion. Following along with Casey to solve the murder and determine who these other players may be is riveting. I started this book and ended it all in one reading. Yes, I stayed up all night and ended up with a terrible book hangover. It was worth it.

Many of our favourite characters show back up here at Haven's Rock. They each have their parts and the insight in how they set up their place to be off grid is helpful. It gives me ideas to research. I hope never to be in this situation but at least I will have some ideas instead of being completely in the dark. This is what I love about great authors like Ms. Armstrong. They do the research and create a story that unintentionally educates their readers about subjects we would never normally read or learn about. The method of this information comes in such an easy to understand way, that it helps readers expand their knowledge. This murder mystery is highly recommended to readers who enjoy stories with mayhem, murder, and new beginnings.

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