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Review: No Love Lost by Lexi Blake

★★★★½ @AuthorLexiBlake #Bookreview #NoLoveLost

At long last, we get to the root of the problem between Ezra and Kim. Well, the man who likes to call himself Ezra. This book is filled with betrayal, heartache, and angst. Ezra is an unforgiving man with exacting standards. If people do not conform to what he believes they should be, then he ruthlessly cuts them out without giving them a chance to explain their side.

What is interesting is that Ezra works for the CIA so he should know better than the average person there are two sides to every story. In addition, he needs to remember that he may be on a needs to know basis. The fact that Ezra can be so bloody arrogant and self righteous has put me off of him in several books. Even in this book, I'm not quite sure I like him. In fact, I think I still don't trust him and nothing he ever does will ever make me believe he will stick by you. He says he's changed but he has hurt Kim over and over again. I don't know what kind of love they are supposed to have, but Kim is just the proverbial punching bag for this holier than thou asshole.

I am not saying that Kim is perfect. She is human. She made the best choices she has at the time and she owns it. The fact that the person who is supposed to love, cherish and protect her can't do any of that is disappointing. Unless by love we mean sexy times horizontally. I can't fathom that Ezra is a good lover. He's too fekking selfish. Now that I think I about it more as I write this review, I think I really loathe Ezra. This book for me was all about Kim.

Kim is the one who is the better person. She is the one who helps others at the expense of herself. This is yet again another demonstration in how a woman has to be twice as good to even be considered "okay" in a male's world. Yet again where a woman has to put everyone else's needs above her own. Yet again where a woman is place in a role where she has to give, give and give. Where others only take, take and take. Looking at Levi, Ezra and Ezra's brother - they all want something from Kim and it kills her vibrancy and soul to give it to them. If I were still a femi-Nazi, this book would only hammer the nail in the coffin for males around me. I digress.

This book is about redemption. We finally learn Kim's side of the story and it is a doozy. Not only is it a doozy, it makes pretty much every guy in this book other than her uncle a complete shit. Even the women who sided with the Taggart team come across as foolish. Sure, they are now regretful but seriously, why does Kim have to always be the bigger person and forgiving? I have always book #TeamKim and this book only solidifies my stance.

What I really liked about this book is how it jumped in years and forced us to see what has happened 7 years down the line. This is great for me because I like that people have suffered with Kim gone. Now they know what they are missing and they should feel sad and regretful. Yes, I'm quite vengeful feeling with this book. This book is still about second chances for everyone. I highly recommend this book if you have been a reader who's been unjustly wronged. The twists and turns of this tale may give you a feeling of glee.


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