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Review: Packing Heat by Kele Moon


Hot fireman plus a sexy policeman equals a smoldering hot read. In PACKING HEAT, heat is definitely a component between Brad and Gavin. The sexual tension is enough to cause spontaneous combustion.

Thirty-eight year old Brad is no stranger to closet gay men. His first experience burned him so badly, more than twenty years later, he still can't be in a steady relationship. Gavin, Brad's renter and housemate sends mixed signals. We call Gavin, the drunkenly bi-sexual and soberly straight man. Or do we?

Gavin is sending mixed signals because he's not able to effectively communicate his true desires to Brad. While this could be cheesy, Ms. Moon writes this scenario so well that I'm buying it. Ms. Moon builds her characters with multiple layers in a way that appeals to me. Their bad childhood isn't vomited out in a pity party. Traumatic events do not cripple her characters completely. Yes, they do exhibit hang-ups in ways that can baffle the reader until the facts are revealed. Once the truth comes to light, my heart hurts as it tugs in sympathy. Once again, her main characters aren't victims defined by a raw hand. They aren't broken damaged goods which can't be repaired. Instead, they are cautious and at times overly defensive due to attacks from people that should have loved them. This is the saddest reccurring theme I've seen in all her books. There is always one character that is totally abused by family members that should be giving unconditional love. Each time, the situation is believable and shown in a manner, which isn't clichéd.

In PACKING HEAT, Brad is this character. His history makes him all that more attractive to me and to Gavin. Gavin wants to cocoon him with constant love. Gavin can do this with his rather large Irish family. Their polar opposite experiences do not keep the two tentative lovers apart. I wish to read more. There is a lovely epilogue. I'm hoping for a follow up book to see how Gavin and Brad do five or even ten years later. My bet, they are still a hot couple loving each other to the fullest. This m/m read is recommended to romantics who enjoy a bit of tear jerking angst.


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