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Review: Queen's Price by Anne Bishop

Returning to the Black Jewel's world, The Queen once again roams the Dark Keep. Long Live the Queen! I have read through this book at least 20 times. I loved this book because we see a return to a time where promising young adults are provided a safe haven to learn and grown. There are ups and downs and watching Daemon have to deal with it instead of his father, amuses me to no end. In addition to a hot bed of adolescent hormones and drama, we get to see what happens to Daemon's daughter. How and why did Saetien go so wrong?

This is a bittersweet tale of a girl who is given the best of everything and she cuts her nose to spite her face. I cannot say that I understand Saetien's perspective. Her illogical behaviour makes zero sense to me. To have this tied to Wilhelmina in some ways is difficult for me too. I can understand why Ms. Bishop ties it. I just don't really get why they are having such difficulty. That being said, I can see that they both struggled under the shadow of Jaenelle. And more so, Saetien oddly felt as if she was competing with Jaenelle the entire time. In some ways, she is, because Jaenelle is the love of Daemon's life and no one can replace that, not even a beloved child. Saetien's immaturity comes across in her willful ignorance and avoidance of anything related to Jaenelle which is a detriment to her. Sadly she never recognizes that there are multiple types of love and her father has an over abundance of it to give to her.

Saetien's heart quest is satisfying because we see the girl mature and become someone she should have always been. The bitter pill Daemon has to swallow in his daughter not wanting to learn from him or hear from him is devastating but Daemon handles it like a pro. I love him even more and feel pity for Saetien. Well, pity and disappointment that she would damage her father so much. Regardless, there are many many scenes in this story that I revisit over and over again.

This story also hints at an ending for some of the beloved characters just as a new generation is growing up. It will be interesting to see where this series goes with the new generation and how the older one may become one with the Darkness. This world Ms. Bishop created is a magical one and I love it. I highly recommend this book to readers who love the Black Jewels series.


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