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Review: Rebel's Karma by Rebecca Zanetti

★★★★ ½ @RebeccaZanetti.books

Benjamin's story is finally here. BENNY! He is the logistics guy. I like him because he's the one who gets things to where it needs to be and he's the one who finds and creates their secret hideouts. This latest book is a turning point for many in this universe. I'm not sure how Ms. Zanetti will be resolving these pretty major conflicts between the different supes.

From my perspective, the Kurjans are clearly bad guys. I cannot fathom it any other way. For the other supes to turn their backs on the vampires because of the brotherhood is frustrating. Perhaps it is because I am seeing the insights from the Brotherhood. The betrayals I'm seeing from different allies is disheartening. Whilst I do like seeing each of these men find their special person, the entire story arc feels long and drawn out.

Benny knows who he wants. He came across her in a Kurjan compound when he rescued others. He's been searching for Karma all this time. What I like about Karma is seeing her perspective. She's lived a life that is brutal and isolated. The facts about Vampires she thought she knew are completely shaken up when she is brought to the Vampire nation. The story is always different from the other side. The Kurjans may be villains but they aren't stupid. Their evil plots are quite impressive. They are a worthy adversary.

Benny and Karma's relationship is built on many assumptions and too many miscommunications. Usually this bothers me because contrived conflict due to inability to use words effectively drives me crazy. In this instance it makes sense because the two of them have completely different backgrounds and experiences. Their baseline have almost zero common grounds. It is only their intrinsic internal moral compass that binds them together.

There is a good amount of fighting and action scenes. The sweet romantic interludes between Benny and Karma are interwoven nicely to give the story a good balance. I have to say, the Brotherhood are crazy men. I get that they have virtually indestructible torsos, but bloody hell. The way they accept the torture and gather intel behind enemy lines is what crazy people do. They are a group of super BAMF.

This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who enjoy action, intrigue, betrayal and a little bit of drama.

*provided by NetGalley


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