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Review: Reckless Road by Christine Feehan

★★★★ @AuthorCFeehan #bookreview #RecklessRoad #NetGalley

Gedeon is a man of extraordinary strong will. His talent of illusions saved his chosen family and himself many times over. He can even create amazing illusions of characters to entertain others. This sounds like a very powerful and fantastic ability. The problem is, it is damaging his brain and he is losing his mind, literally and figuratively.

Each time Ms. Feehan features one of the survivors in Torpedo Ink, I don't think it can be any worse. As in, I didn't think these once brutalized children could have experienced any more trauma and cruelty. I am proven wrong. E.V.E.R.Y S.I.N.G.L.E. T.I.M.E. My heart breaks for these men and women. I am seriously baffled at how they can be functional. Most would be either dead by suicide or in a straightjacket in an institution. (Although I believe straightjackets are no longer used in the States.) I digress.

Gedeon's talent matches Zyah's talent perfectly. I love how Ms. Feehan created Zyah. Zyah's cultural background conjures up exotic spices and vivid colours. I loved learning about her ancestry and more about her grandmother. Zyah and Gedeon's interactions are strained with sometimes too many helping hands and misunderstandings. It seems that every single member in the Torpedo Ink club wants to be a martyr. They all sacrifice for their brothers and sisters to the detriment of their own well being. I feel like Gedeon's is one of the worst we've come across so far.

The wooing of Zyah by Gedeon is cringe worthy at times because of his messed up mind. The conflicts are so easy to see happening and it's like a train wreck we can't prevent. The pain they unheedingly cause each other only heightens the intensity of emotions evoked by this book. I love it. The ending to this grim love story is sweet with a happily for now. I recommend this paranormal romance to readers who enjoy dark angsty romance with alpha males and motorcycle clubs.

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