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Review: Remember Me by Nina Croft

★★★ ½ @nina_croft #RememberMe #bookreview

Ever think about reincarnation? What about a love that transcends life, death, good, and evil? Or are angels and demons really good versus evil? In Remember Me, Ms. Croft blurs the lines with the quintessential question... "What would you do for love?" For Caden, it seems he will do anything.

I first came across Ms. Croft at a book convention in sunny Florida. She flew all the way over to Orlando only to have a bunch of logistics completely screw up her plans. Still, she was a trooper and a delightful author to meet in person. She gave out a few ebooks which hooked me into her stories.

This is a short novella and kicks off a series which makes angels questionable. I liked Caden and why he did what he thought was best. It may have been a bit ill advised but this is the kind of deep love many dream about. And dream is what Phoebe did. Fortunately, in this go around, they finally find each other and perhaps their never ending cycle may be broken. This story is fast, tightly written and sweet. Recommended for romance lovers who love their happily ever afters.


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