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Review: Rock Paper Scissors by Devon Monk

Can't get enough of the Reed sisters? Luckily the trilogy cried out for more stories and Author Devon Monk complied. For that, I thank her muse. Before diving into the next full novel, readers are treated to a holiday special for each of the sisters.

The first one is with Jean, the youngest Reed sister, and her love of Halloween. This story is a stitch. This one is all about the humour. From "Dad" jokes to zombie gnomes, how can this be anything but fun? I loved seeing Jean's side of things. Especially as she shares her worry for her oldest sister, Delaney. Her interaction with Death is a bit irreverent and takes balls. Still, she is a kick butt Reed sister. Her romance continues to move forward and it is nice to see some reveals that help straighten her out.

The second one is surprisingly tension filled as Delaney takes center stage with her lover boy, Ryder. Their entire relationship seems to be big on not "using their words". If they could only learn how to communicate... maybe they wouldn't get into such jams. As with a Christmas theme, Delaney brings up a poignant memory about her dad which is too moving for words. This slightly maudlin and depressing piece is nicely balanced with... a pig dragon. Or specifically a dragon which can create an illusion of being a pig ... a very cute pink pig. I want a dragon. Best gift ever!

The last one is perhaps the most interesting one because it is Myra, the middle child who is all alone. There is something in her past which prevents her from wanting to date a guy. The guy who does catch her attention, is a no-no. Demons are evil, right? Of course the holiday for these two lovers is, Valentine's Day! The sexual tension between Bathin and Myra is deliciously dark with Bathin being kind of a sexual predator with Myra in his sights. This isn't a bad thing, it is a thing which makes Myra question her sanity and her lust filled yearning leaps off the pages. Their conflicted interactions are fun to watch. I'm with Myra's sister, Jean. Jean's witty commentaries about the two of them are hilarious. She clearly has no filter and likes to dig at Myra for some sisterly poking.

This set of novellas are a delight to read. Whilst it can be read as a standalone, I recommend reading the first three book before reading this book. Then dive right into the next novel! I will be picking up the next book immediately. Recommended for paranormal romance lovers who enjoy holiday themes and warm fuzzies.


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