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Review: Rogue's Pawn by Jeffe Kennedy

★★★★ @jeffekennedy #RoguesPawn #ReRelease

Catching up on prolific writer Ms. Kennedy is a challenge I seem to be losing. I am not sure if I am sad about losing because it just means there are so many more delightful books for me to read. From what I understand, this is her first book published over a decade ago. Whilst I knew who Ms. Kennedy was from a kinky author perspective, I do not believe I fully appreciated her roots in fantasy. Comparing her early works to her more recent work definitely shows how she has grown.

Ms. Kennedy's author note at the beginning of this book provides insight and genuine reflection that I appreciate. With this in mind, I went into this book with lower expectations. I should not have worried. The concept of this story blew me away. It takes a different look at the fae and creates something new yet familiar. Authors who can make an existing mythos fresh are impressive. The rough part is the writing style and the character voice. I can definitely see how this is one of her earlier works. Her writing style has evolved to have more complicated worldbuilding as well as complex characters. Her later stories are layers upon layers.

In Rogue's Pawn, there is intrigue and a little layering by doling out information in bits and bits. Jennifer aka Lady Sorcerer is a human who is sucked into another world where she neither fathoms the rules nor the people. The reader is following her 1st person account and is just as befuddled. This world is a re-interpretation of the Fae. How Ms. Kennedy blends and bends the mythos to her wishes is intriguing. It parallel's Jennifer's experience in this bizarro world.

This could be a high fantasy book but it mixes in romance and even some BDSM (not-con) which makes it defy easy categorization. Suffice to say that I ended up with a book hangover and wished I could have taken a sick day. The ending of the story hooks me into the next book and I want to dive right into Rogue's Possession. Recommended to fantasy readers who enjoy their Fae dark and careless.

* I received this book as a gift


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