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Review: Safeword: Davenport by Candace Blevins

This is my FAVOURITE book by Ms. Blevins. In this lovely story, we are once again treated to some intense and arousing SM. No one does SM in a M/f relationship as good for me as Ms. Blevins. I can definitely tell by the way she writes, she's in the lifestyle. I do know the back history of why this book was written so for me, it moved me much more.

Dana is a widow. She submitted to her husband who was her world. He was a Dom with a sadistic streak. Some of the punishments Dana went through had me crossing my legs and going, "ow! NO! NO! NO!". I would never misbehave if I was Garnet's sub. As a result of Garnet's death, Dana has left the lifestyle abruptly, leaving all friends behind. She's even sold or given away all her lovely BDSM tools and furniture. I can understand this as the memories must be overwhelming.

For a couple who lived in each other pockets so deeply as Dana and Garnet did, I can't believe she hasn't died out of sorrow. If anyone would die from losing a mate, I would think Dana is one of those who would. I'm impressed with her ability to pull herself out of the depression and continue with her work as an interior decorator.

She meets Irving who is a mad scientist when it comes to electricity. He's designed some amazing electric sex machines as a hobby due to his profession. I'm a bit frightened of him, actually. I have to be honest. All of Ms. Blevin's Doms frighten me a little. Not in a bad way, but in a way where I know I could never meet their needs or desires. They are way too intense for me. I'm more of a D/s and BD kind of gal. The SM is too much for me. I love to read it and I enjoy vicariously living through it. That is about my limit.

Irving has his own issues as his wife who was his 24/7 sub died in a freak accident on vacation. My heart breaks for both Irving and Dana. They both suffered so much and they aren't exactly healed. Becoming lovers doesn't exactly mean happily ever after for them.

This is what I liked about Ms. Blevin's writing. It doesn't just all of a sudden work great and we live happily ever after. There are set backs which are realistic to life. It feels as they take steps forward, they also take steps back. While frustrating, it makes the story that much more poignant for me and totally believable.

Let's get to the good stuff. The BDSM parts. HOLY MOLY is it HAWT! Every scene had me wet with quivering desire. The punishments were pretty heavy and it would certainly discourage me from ever doing anything "wrong". I'd follow the rules completely. Dana's ability to handle pain is beyond me. I'm a wimp when compared to Dana. Irving's creativeness is sadistically genius. I always say, perverts are very creative and Irving proves my point.

I won't go into details of each BDSM scene I enjoyed. I don't want to spoil it. Let's just say, many kinks of mine were showcased explicitly and exquisitely. Lastly, Brent and Jacob rocked my world. I wasn't expecting another couple in this story to be intermixed. It was divine. Since this original story is now split into two, I have to say, anyone who reads this first part will yearn to read the second half. It's amazing. I highly recommend this BDSM lovers who enjoy D/s and SM. If you like electrical play, this is definitely one to try. Another winner by the talented Ms. Blevins


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