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Review: Sexiest Vampire Alive by Kerrelyn Sparks

★★★ @KerrelynSparks #TBRPile #SexiestVampireAlive

Returning back to the Love at Stake series, I remember why I put this on my TBR Pile. When it comes to sweet romances, Ms. Sparks is one of the authors who consistently delivers. This is an older book and still stands the test of time. I still love this universe she's created. Many of her vampires are from the old world, this one is not. Gregori is a relatively new vampire. His conversion was done as an act of love and repayment. He may have struggled with it, but he's been proving himself.

Gregori's "day" job will help the vampires out of the bind they are in. Now possibly outted to the US government, he needs to help build an alliance. This is going to be tricky. Because we all know how the US government is going to react. Gregori needs to spin-doctor the shit out of this mess. Lucky for him, one of his unwitting champions is going to be... the president's eldest daughter, Abby.

Abby is a scientist who doesn't believe in the supernatural. Coming face to face with myths come to life is not easy. She's taking it in stride because the vampires are offering something she desperately wants. They may be able to save a person she loves.

I understand the conflict in this story. Abby wants something from Gregori that could threaten the entire existence of vampires. Her selfishness is classic western, specifically American thinking. She doesn't give a damn about an entire race of beings as long as she gets what she wants. Ms. Sparks tries to make this all alturistic. I don't think she intended to show the ugly sides of those in power. She did a fine job of it and I liked it. Even if this president may have been great. This entire story basically hinges on the fact that those who are powerful and rich don't give a damn about everyone else. They want what they want and who cares what happens to others as long as they get their happily ever after. Gregori's gift and sacrifice for Abby will come back to bite them in real life. In a story... meh, happily ever after.

This romance is well-written and fun to read. There is something comforting and enjoyable when I read a Ms. Sparks romance. I know it will be smooth and sweet. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who love their happily ever afters.


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