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Review: Sins of the Father by Fyn Alexander


How can this be the end to Angel and Kael? I want to read more about them. I want to know what happens when Angel goes off to Uni. SINS OF THE FATHER is the conclusion to an amazing trilogy. In this story, I've finally realized what is so attractive about Kael and Angel's relationship. Angel is humanizing the sociopathic Kael. Kael possesses many qualities of a sociopath. Not all sociopaths are serials killers. In Kael's case, he's merely a sanctioned killer and he does have ethics. He sees things in black and white, and I'm not sure if Angel's ability to show Kael shades of grey helps.

In this story, we finally learn the back history of Kael's father. As soon as the new character was introduced and Kael wrote in his diary about questioning who his father was, I knew what the outcome would be. I'm sure any reader could easily predict it. The point of the story wasn't to figure out the ending, it's our journey to the destination that makes it so riveting. The comparisons for Kael to see are disturbing to him. He questions himself in this book. We are not seeing a less confident Kael; instead we are watching Kael grow in a manner he did not expect. We are also treated to his ability to let go and laugh. This is truly a treat. This shocks his colleagues. I want to say things to hear Kael laugh.

Fyn Alexander mixes in spectacular BDSM scenes in this story. The scenes are so well blended into the storyline that I'm enthralled. I loved every dungeon scene. I whimpered when Angel whimpered. I doubt I could take as much pain as Angel, but reading it and living it vicariously is quite the high. Kael shows his masterful Dom abilities. He's able to adjust to any situation and his punishments are clear—boy, are his punishments crystal clear. There is no mistaking his punishments for ‘fun'-ishment.

In this final chapter of Angel and Kael, all the loose ends are tied off. Questions about Kael's past are answered. His past even comes back to haunt and blindside him. Angel is there to help support and enlighten him. I love how their relationship is a total power exchange 24/7 yet there is still a sense of partnership. Angel is not a cowering slave. He still retains his thoughts and is able to express them out loud. What I love most is Kael's ability to take Angel's wishes when he makes decisions. Even if Kael doesn't like it, he still wants what is best for Angel and he ultimately does what is best for Angel. He considers all sides and comes up with a happy balance. This kind of D/s relationship is a submissive's dream. I highly recommend this m/m BDSM story to those who want a D/s fantasy happily ever after.


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