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Review: Slayed by Darkness by Alexandra Ivy

★★★½ @AlexandraIvy @jennw23 #Bookreview #SlayedbyDarkness #1001DarkNights

A romantic and sweet second chance novella is recommended to all romance readers. Ms. Ivy is a magical storyteller as she shares her Guardians of Eternity world in this series. I must say, when the 1001 Dark Nights concept first came out, I thought it was a bit hokey. I am surprised by how many of the authors I read are in this collection. I am really loving the ones I read. This is a standalone and can be read independent of both this 1001 Dark Nights collection as well as Ms. Ivy's Guardians of Eternity.

Levet the gargoyle steals the show again. I have to admit, there is something endearing about Levet. I just find him adorable and sometimes, so taken advantage of by others. I realize Levet is a secondary character and brought in to help find the main character, but I still wish there were more scenes with Levet. Jayla is our heroine and she is a BAMF. She also happens to be cool under pressure as demonstrated by her response when kidnapped. Her response floored me as it is not something I think I have ever read.

When Azrael crosses Jayla's path again, it is a pleasant shock. I don't want to give any spoilers, or more than the book blurb already gives, but the star-crossed lovers experience a rocky start to their relationship. What I liked about this story is how a century has passed and past allegations unfold into reality. It is good to be vindicated and yet, it is also sad because it means not only was a century of time lost, but the truth hurt.

This novella moves at a fast pace and I wish there was more to it. I feel like Jayla and Azrael didn't get their full story. I felt rushed and as if their love story is merely skimmed over with just the salient points. Still, it is nicely written and I enjoyed it from start to finish as I devoured this book in a sitting. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who love second chance themes.

* I received an arc from Social Butterfly PR


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