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Review: Sodom and the Phoenix by Ann Mayburn


Rising out of flames and ashes is one of my favourite images. I love Phoenixes which is why I picked this book to read. Of course, I also love reading anal which is why I couldn't resist the title SODOM AND THE PHOENIX. We return to the amazing resort of Sodom, located in Detroit, Michigan. Once again, I'm wishing this resort really existed as I live in Michigan and it would be so thrilling to drive down and enjoy some hot smexy VR role-playing.

Tanwen Evans is vacationing at the resort as a treat from her best friend. Two years after her divorce, she's still a bit broken up and this vacation promises passion she's only dreamed of in the privacy of her home. Imagine her surprise when she learns she's visiting at the same time a BDSM convention is held. Her surprise is Bryan Hamilton's lucky fortune. Bryan is an experienced Dom who is intrigued by the newbie Tanwen. Offering to be her guide in this kinky world of sexual fetish, Bryan is bewitched by the sexy Tanwen.

Rather than focus on the characters and how well the BDSM lifestyle is presented in this story, I'm going to gush about the world Ms. Mayburn creates. I can guarantee that the story is a lovely romantic story with a happily ever after. I can also confirm that in her consistent writing style, the sex is HOT and Bryan is a very dominant, mature and sexy alpha male. What I'd like to focus on is Ms. Mayburn's imagination.

The fantasy world she creates in the Virtual Reality environment is amazing. Her mix of a real life place – Belle Isle – and her version of a zoo blew my mind. The little taste she gave us had me creaming in my panties. I am going to be fantasizing about this zoo and wondering what kind of animal I can be my avatar. I'll also want to be part of the "hunting" game. *wink wink* This magical place Ms. Mayburn designs is a sensualist's utopia. She manages to weave in all the senses – taste, touch, smell, sight and sound. Reading this story, I feel like I'm in a virtual reality world.

There is one point in the book where I'm moved. The public demonstration scene was not what I anticipated and I just loved it. Well done, Ms. Mayburn! Life saving education in a very sexy manner. Perhaps this manner of examination will help more people catch it early on.

I'm recommending this examination style to all my friends. I recommend this story to kinky romance lovers who like a flight of fancy.


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